Alcohol and Food Pairing Recap

Alcohol and Food Pairing Recap

At DOOR XXV, we are always looking to provide a gastronomic experience for all who enter our (secret) doors. We’ve brought together three different pairings of alcohol and food these past few weeks, and we’re recapping them for those who missed out (or just need a little refresher for those who joined)

Whisky & Cheese Pairing

Whiskey and Cheese Pairing

Together with Certified Cheese Specialist, Jimmy Seow, from The Cheese Deli, our Head of Hospitality, Mark Tay, brought us 4 unique pairings of cheese and whiskies.

  • Benriach Smoky Ten x Brie de Meaux

This Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky perfectly layers notes of sunripe fruit, aromatic smoke and toasted oak spice, giving it a sweet and smoky finishing balance. We paired this with the French Brie Cheese; known as the “King of Brie”. The Brie de Meaux’s  sweet and creamy taste, and notes of mushroom and almond, completed the flavours of Benriach Smoky Ten .

  • Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye x Caciocavallo

Enjoy the smoothness of a Jack Daniel with a bold twist, balanced with ripe fruit and lightly toasted oak to give it that delightful finishing. The cheese of choice was the Caciocavallo for its deep earthy undertones and fruity aroma, which was great match to the Single Barrel Rye.

  • Woodford Reserve x Stilton

Perfectly balanced with notes from bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spice, and fruit & floral notes, it was the perfect whisky to be paired with the Stilton cheese. This English cheese balances between its rich and mellow flavour, along with its crumble and almost soft texture. The two worked together in bringing out the flavours of the other.

  • Glendronach 12 YO x Smoked Gouda

A richly single malt, the Glendronach 12 YO gave notes of smooth vanilla, dried fruits and spice. We decided to pair it with something smokey to highlight the flavours, such as a Smoked Gouda. You usually can’t go wrong with a good Gouda, but this pairing definitely helped elevate the flavours.

Dictador Rum & Anjali Chocolat Pairing

Rum and Chocolate Pairing

We brought together two brands who pay careful attention to their craft, with artisanal chocolates from ANJALICHOCOLAT and luxurious rum from Dictador.

  • XO Perpetual x Sesame and Chinese 5 Spice

Bringing you a balanced mix of roasted honey, Colombian coffee, royal toffee, dark chocolate, mature oak notes, we paired this rum with the sweet and warm flavours of Sesame and Chinese 5 Spice.

  • XO Insolent x Dark Rocher and Lavender Truffle

This deep mahogany liquid had strong notes of vanilla and honey, with hints of white chocolate and caramel. We balanced these flavours with the bitter notes of Dark Rocher and floral taste of Lavender Truffle.

  • 20 YO x Pineapple

Soft, but full flavoured, this 20 Years Rum has notes of caramel, vanilla, cocoa, and roasted honey. Keeping it light, we paired this with a Pineapple Bonbon, the flavours helped complement one another.

  • 12 YO x Apricot

A medium body rum, enjoy soft and round feel on the palate, paired with the balanced mixed of caramel, cocoa, and light coffee. We paired this up with a chocolate cover apricot, to help elevate the flavours of each other.

Sake & Cheese Pairing

Sake and Cheese Pairing

Not your usual pairing, but here at DOOR XXV, we are all about pushing boundaries. The outcome? 4 unsuspecting but delicious pairings of Sake and Cheese.

  • Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Bizen Omachi x Pont Le Veque

A medium body, this Junmai Ginjo has notes of a refreshing muscat and rice, along with its acidity and umami palate. We paired it with a Pont Le Veque for its rustic aroma and flavour of milk and hazelnut. The refreshing notes paired well with the cheese’s strong flavours.

  • Junmai Daiginjo Bizen Omachi x Lingot Pate

Slightly dry with its sweet notes, it is no wonder why this is the flagship sake of Omachi. Pairing it with the French cheese that has a fresh, tangy, and slightly salty flavours, the two helped elevate the different notes of the other.

  • Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki x Gorgonzola

The fruity and floral aroma brings out the fresh acidity, while balancing the delicate umami notes of this sake. Complementing these flavours with the buttery and salty taste profile of this blue cheese. This pairing might be unexpected, but helps brings out the flavour of the two.

  • Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu x Comte 30 months

A sake with big flavours of toast, but, and spice, you can enjoy a complex yet elegant taste. To help bring out the flavours, we paired it with a 30 month Comtes, with its sweet and nutty flavours.

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